NEDSCO is focused on saving teachers money on the products and services they use every day which has culminated into our discount card program – The National Entertainment Discount Card. The National Entertainment Discount Card has become a great service for your teachers, while serving as a vehicle of increasing revenues at many schools and local communities. Distributing Cards to your teachers is easy-to-implement because NEDSCO provides you with the tools and assistance you need to promote the program. We’ll deliver Cards customized with your logo so that your office can issue the Cards. You’ll find that the Card is a high-impact, tangible program that is appreciated by cost-conscious teachers.


The National Entertainment Discount Card saves teachers hundreds of dollars with discounts on just about everything you spend money on when you frequent our partner merchants. With the Card, teachers can SAVE 10% or more at numerous discount locations around campus and nationwide. It’s like getting a needed pay raise with the increased buying power that this discount program provides. What makes this even more valuable is that there is no set spending limit as the annual card can be used over and over at all of our member merchants.

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