Who are you?

Based in Katy Texas,  National Entertainment Discount Services Company  was founded in 2007  to meet the growing need for a support system for today’s schools that is economically sound and practical to execute. Our staff is comprised of Professional Teachers, Sales Executives, Business Executives and Graphic Artists who all share common goals and beliefs about the education system and how to assist that process

How is your program different than others?

NEDSCO offers a three-fold program that truly involves and benefits the whole community. School Districts benefit by being able to offer a discount card that enhances any employment benefits package at no cost. Merchants benefit by offering an extremely profitable incentive while targeting a niche group that historically proves to be very community loyal, at very little cost. Student Programs benefit by being able to cut their fund-raising efforts in half while meeting their funding goals. Other companies offer bits and pieces of the puzzle but not the whole picture.

Why should I go with your approach?

Our program just makes good sense!  In an economy where everything constantly cost more, it makes good sense to find programs where every partner involved is benefiting from the partnership.

  • It makes good sense for our merchants partners to benefit by being part of a program that is virtually free because the costs are dollar for dollar tax deductible, while at the same time responsibly supporting local teachers and students.
  • It makes good sense for our school district partners to benefit by being able to offer an employee benefits program that is maintenance and cost free and is plain good for their public image.
  • It makes good sense for our student program partners to benefit by being able to procure the highest amounts paid for the least bit of effort anywhere in the country to help fund their programs.

We make it possible for communities to help themselves through our partnerships.  In a society where free enterprise makes the competitive market place better, What makes better sense than our program?

How can I get involved?

It is very simple.  First look through our web site to learn more about us and our program. Then email us or call us with your specific questions.  We’ll be more than happy to help you in your endeavors.

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How do we fit in to this partnership?

NEDSCO is focused on providing a vehicle for  you to directly and cost-effectively advertise to your local education niche market.  NEDSCO offers their partners a track-able point-of-access option to influence and reward local retail purchasing behaviors. In addition we maximize your advertising efforts by included you in our fundraising division.  By being our partner, you have the ability to offer something to reward the local school employees and the great feeling that you have also helped your local kids stay out of trouble by supporting their school sponsored programs.

How can I track my ROI?

If you choose the Track Your ROI option, our system provides an optional low cost management utility through PATRONWORKS  for a one time fee with no monthly recurring charges and no per-transaction fees. For more information contact us at 281-250-3375

How is distribution handled?

Each School District, we have an arrangement with, assists us in determining the best way to distribute the cards.

  • Some School Districts require us to deliver to a central site and they handle distribution to individual campuses.
  • Other School Districts have a policy in place requiring us to package and deliver to individual campuses.

Regardless of the method used, it is only after the school district has met with us and they have assisted us in determining the best manner of distribution that we begin the process of establishing merchant partners within that district.

How much time will this take to implement the program?

After accepting our offer of partnership by signing the Merchant Agreement, we generally schedule and complete a photo shoot of your business within the first week.  Once the photo shoot is completed, the web page are completed for approval before the cards are released to the public.  After you have approved the web advertisement, server upload is immediate.  With this in mind, the whole process takes between 2 – 8 weeks depending on how many merchants sign up on the card. Your year on the program doesn’t start when the web presence is established, but when the cards are released to the public.

What kind of profit can I expect from this type of advertising?

While no advertising program anywhere in the world can guarantee profits of any kind, we can give you tools that can help you predict the profitability of our programs.  For more information go to the MERCHANT TAB and select the MERCHANT CALCULATOR.  The national average for this type of advertisement programs is about 2% return.  That 2% is based on an average of general factors that affect buying habits of all retail customers.  We feel that your actual numbers could be higher because of the type of target market that we deal with.  In addition, our relationship to education partners will affect the buying habits of target market.  In other words, in school district where the card has been offered as a benefit, the employees perception is that the card came directly from the district and so loyalty is high among these employees to support a community that is perceived to support them.

How do I sign Up?

Its easy.  All you have to do to complete the partnership circle is to:

  • Decide what marketing incentive you wish to offer the employees,
  • Decide the options you wish to employ
  • Sign the Marketing Agreement

Sit back and enjoy the benefits

How does this benefit my business?

Our package benefits include

  •   Low Cost Marketing
  •   Maximized Target Groups
  •   Non Profit Group Support
  •   ROI Is Track-able!
  •   Low Maintenance
  •   Searchable Web Exposure

How much will this partnership cost me?

Our program is packed with lost of benefits for a one time package charge of $399 for 12 months of advertising. There are no monthly fees, no per transaction fees, or any other operating fees.  We do offer optional enhancements for the basic package at nominal one time fees.  But in contrast to our competition, we don’t sell a high priced package full of benefits that you pay for but don’t need.

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How do we fit in to this partnership?

NEDSCO is focused on saving teachers money on the products and services they use every day.  The National Entertainment  Discount Card has become a great service for your teachers, while serving as a vehicle of increasing revenues at many schools and local communities.  We give you the ability to enhance your benefits package for all of your employees.

How much will this partnership cost me?

Our program cost you nothing accept to help in the distribution of the cards as part of your benefits package. There are no monthly fees, no per transaction fees, or any other operating fees.

Our Athletic Director is already doing a card program, How will this affect it?


 Apples to Apples Comparison with a 50/50 Card Program!
(This was an actual program scenario in South Houston Area)

Currently used fundraiser sells a $10 Card to everyone with a 50% Profit Margin.


Other Cards

Profit 50% 70%
Price $10 $20
Number of Merchants 20 30-50
# of Teacher Cards Given Free 0 2000
Number of Cards Sold 6000 4000
Booster Club Gross Profit $60,000 $80,000
Booster Club Net Profit $30,000 $56,000



Our Program is better. With this scenario, lost teacher sales still
yield a better net profit…in this case $26,000.00.


 Their Card Made $30,000.00 Profit.

Our Card will make $56,000.00 Profit

We Think Its Well Worth The Switch!!!

How About You?

How do I sign my district up?

Contact us at 281-250-3375 to begin the process.

Upon your approval, we establish partnerships with the local community businesses to create the mechanism for you to be able to provide this benefit to your teachers and other school district employees. All you have to do to begin this process is to:

  • Provide us with a letter on school district stationary stating that the cards will be distributed to your employees,
  • Inform us of any special need to assist you in their distribution.

How much time will this take to implement the program?

After accepting our offer of partnership and supplying us with a letter of authorization, it takes approximately 8 to 16 weeks to receive the cards. We handle everything from procuring the local merchant partners to preparing the distribution.  We are a support mechanism for you.

How does this benefit my district?

Our package benefits include:

  •   Enhanced Benefits Package
  •   Maximized Employee Dollars
  •   Enhanced Teacher Support
  •   No Cost to Districts or Teachers.
  •   No Program Maintenance

What kind of discounts can I expect to offer my employees?

Our Merchant Partners offer anything from 10% to 50% of products and services.  May offer something free with additional purchases.  We have over 30 local Merchant Partners per card and the cards are good anywhere in our system.  This makes for a pretty valuable benefit for you to offer your employees.

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How do I know where I can use my new card?

There are several different ways.

1. Check in your district workroom for the poster that shows all participating locations.

2. You can download an online pdf of all the participating merchants in your district at www.nedsco.com by:


A.) Select Shop & Save Tab from the Home Screen
B.) Log In after you have registered your card.
C.) Select the Search By DISTRICT Button
D.) Select Your School District
E.) Select the Download Complete List Button

3.  Look for the ACCEPTED HERE STICKER in the front window of all of our participating Merchants

How much will this partnership cost me?

Our program cost you nothing accept to help by supporting the local businesses that have chosen to support you. There are no monthly fees, no per transaction fees, or any other operating fees.

How does this benefit my district?

You benefit by receiving numerous discounts that have been offered to you at numerous local business on items that you use everyday:  Your participation also supports the many kids you teach by allowing them an opportunity to earn more fundraising dollars than they have ever earned before for any group cause that they are involved with.

Can I get additional cards?

Sure!  Best way would be to contact a student organization within your school and help them by purchasing an additional card for $20.  If that is not available you may log in at www.nedsco.com and purchase additional

What kind of discounts can I expect to to receive from using the cards?

Our Merchant Partners offer an average of 10% or more on products and services.  Some may offer something free in lieu of a discount.  We have over 30 local Merchant Partners per card and the cards are good anywhere in our system.  This makes for a pretty valuable card for you to use.

Do you replace stolen or damaged cards?

No. but you can purchase additional or replacement cards from www.nedsco.com in the Members Center.  Our expense on the initial distribution of the free cards to your district (for most districts around $60,000.00) prohibit us from replacing cards.

Can I refer my favorite business to you to add to your program?

Sure!  Just drop us a line at sales@nedsco.com and we’ll handle the rest.  If your business goes on the program you’ll get a $20 free card as a thank you for the referral.

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Who does Nedsco’s Fundraising division work with?

We work with all kinds of non profit groups in your community and schools  We offer our services to all of your school’s band, choir, orchestra, clubs, class sponsors, athletics, NHS, and the PTA/PTO.  Check with your school group sponsors to see which group is using the cards as fundraisers.

What kind of Fundraisers do you offer?

We have looked at numerous fundraising programs and products and have chosen only one which virtually guarantees success in the fact that you make 70% of the profit.

Does it cost us to participate in your fundraising program?

There is never any money required to start a fundraisers with NEDSCO Fundraising. We also provide a fundraising representative free of charge to ensure your group achieves their financial goal.

Do you work with any type of school groups?

Yes, we help all school groups that need to raise money. Call us for help with your non-profit fundraiser today!

is there a down side with risk to your program?

No!  There is no downside nor risks with our fundraising program. Our fundraising program is fast, easy, and risk free. We provide the opportunity to make thousands of dollars at no risk or cost involved.

How fast does your program run?

When we contract our fundraising program with a school group we allow the sponsor to determine the length of the campaign.  Most programs run from  5 to 10 school days.  Cards are shipped to the sponsor in about 4 weeks of the close of the campaign.

When can we start?

As soon as you want.  We can generally schedule a fundraiser at any time and kick one off within 24 hours.  Is that fast enough for you?

Is there a minimum required order?

No!  Because this program is an advanced sales program you are paid on all product before you place the order.  We ship only what you need to fill your orders.  You keep all of the sales order forms to be able to distribute your sold cards.

How do we get started?

Call 281-250-3375 or go on line to schedule your fundraiser.

How are we paid?

You are paid up front before you even place the order.  We invoice you for our portion when you place your order and schedule a delivery.

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