Selecting the Most Effective Advertising Media

The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia (Wharton) set out to establish what is the definitive and most effective advertising. Pepsi, Frito-Lay, Colgate-Palmolive and a several companies together, spent more than a million dollars on this research. Wharton spent 7 years on this study and targeted several dozen small businesses. All of them were scientifically monitored and measured. The final report was more than 2,500 pages yet they came up with only 3 conclusions:

1. There is no direct correlation between dollars invested and results gained. Simply put, the amount you spend on advertising does not guarantee specific results.

2. Your results are undeniably linked to the message.  The Wharton study indicates that everything hinges on the message you attach to your name, so your business image is clearly defined by the message you advertising delivers. If you are not happy with the results you have gotten in the past, maybe you need to rethink the message you wish to deliver.  “Ads that speak to the heart of the customer and touch a nerve are the ones that turn little companies into big companies” Rob Williams  Click Hereto view whole article.

3. Results increase with repetition. When you find a message that works you must continually present that message to your customers.

With This in Mind What’s Your Options?

  • Outdoor advertising/billboards: This method will reach lots of the general market at a medium price, but is limited to a picture and and a few words.
  • Radio: This method while reaching a large populous cannot be easily targeted geographically and can only be loosely demographically targeted. Also consider how technological change has dramatically impacted broadcast radio. Millions of people now control their listening environment by subscribing to a commercial-free satellite radio service. The 2007 Annual State of Small Business Report – ASBDC Click Here to view whole report.
  • Cable television: While offering better impact of image and sound. and is easily geographically targeted, it still can be lacking in production quality often time making your project look homemade. Remember 2. Your results are undeniably linked to the message.
  • Broadcast television: By far considered to be the most prolific form of advertising today, however also the most expensive, far outweighing other methods of advertising.
  • Newspapers: This method will reach customers who are in the market to buy immediately.  Unfortunately, people who are not in the market to buy your product or service may not see your ad as well as if it were in other forms of media.
  • Magazines: Expensive, high-quality with specific targeting, however may be out of reach with the frequency of your campaign. Remember  3. Results increase with repetition
  • Direct mail: This method is highly effective in market targets, but shockingly expensive to do right.
  • Yellow Pages: Essentially a service directory for the customer who has not yet made up his or her mind. Very foolish for retail businesses.
  • Internet Marketing: Combines what is positive in all of the above methods with modern technology making this an extremely viable alternative for many.

How Do We Stack Up!

If, as explained by the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia (Wharton), the results are linked to the message your business portrays, and those results increase your bottom line with constant repetition, and results are not tied to an amount of money you spend for your campaign, then it stand to reason that you should find an advertising program that will present your message with high quality  that is constantly pursuing your target market 24 hours a day at a price that is astoundingly lower than other forms of media presentation.

BM Media in 2006 places advertising methods in this order:






49 %

Most Expensive

Most Effective


22.3 %

Least Expensive

2nd Most Effective


11.6 %

3rd Most Expensive

3rd most Effective


10.3 %

4th Most Expensive

4th most Effective


5.9 %

2nd Most Expensive

Least Effective

Can you really afford just to keep doing what you have always done to just get get your name out there?

So many articles and case studies from all sectors government and public are forecasting the the pros of an effective marketing strategy through the world wide web.  Nedsco’s media and loyalty program combines together the most effective attributes of other forms of advertising.  Our program target a large market of customers that have proven to be extremely loyal to merchant providers.  Nedsco advertises you to this market with the highest quality of any marketing program on the market today twenty four hours a day.  We are able to do this at one of the cheapest prices available anywhere.  In addition your help provides a desperate needed benefit to teachers that work in education today along with helping kids stay in worthwhile school programs.  

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